Suntico’s take on CRM: An online Account Management System that is fundamentally different!

Many companies don’t have the requirements for a conventional CRM. With increased functionality there also comes the burden of installation, setup, maintenance and associated training. So, in many cases, the initial requirement – that is: to improve handling of inquiries with better communication between and accessibility by all members of the team – quickly becomes side-tracked with the enormous undertaking of trying to make a (large) system work. The end result: The implementation is often put on hold with the argument “too hard / too expensive / too time consuming / too [fill in your excuse] to implement right now” …

Sage 50 – your undiscovered treasure chest

And this is where the probably untapped potential of your Sage accounting system comes in. You see, we believe that your Sage system is a real treasure chest. The only problem is, until now, it was “locked away” in someone’s … dungeon (meaning office) and only the gatekeepers were able and allowed to gain access to its content.

Suntico’s Account Management System to the rescue

But what if you took something like Facebook, except for internal use only and used it against a backdrop of your Sage data? Not just your customer records, but all of your prospects, vendors and your transactions as well?

What if you could “discuss” a sticky order, “follow” a troublesome invoice, or “share” a customer query?

This is where Suntico plays to its strength. It takes your on premise accounting dataset and synchronises it into the cloud. From there you can access it in a secure way, assign user rights but most importantly, your Account Management System could be up and running in minutes rather than days or weeks.

Here is a summary of reasons why it is so easy to have your Account Management System humming in no time:


  • Start with a full set of relevant datacrm lite for sage 50

The system uses your Sage data set as a starting point. All your accounts, contacts and recent orders will already be there. No need to start with empty templates or records.

  • Familiar user interface

Because we have modeled our software on the functionality of well-known social network sites like Facebook, users will already be familiar with the concept of “My Wall”, “follow” or send “instant message”. Little or no training will be required to use the system and you can find how-to videos on our support site.

  • Access when on the road or away from the office

Suntico officeAs the system is hosted in a secure cloud, you can access all the records from anywhere. All you need is access to the Internet and voila: all the information, where you need it, when you need it. And with user rights management you have full control over who can access what.

  • Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD)

Also, your Sage system might have the necessity to run on a Windows PC or Server. However, this limitation should not apply to the users in your company. Whether it is a laptop you work with on a day-to-day basis, the iPad or any smartphone or tablet computer when visiting a potential new customer or your beloved Mac at home. As our system is truly web-based, nearly any internet capable browser can be used to do what it is you need to do …

  • (Free) E-Marketing integration with Mailchimp

MailChimp-logownameWe found that E-Marketing can be a difficult area, with many businesses lacking either the skills or resources to implement an E-Marketing system. That’s why we’ve added an integration to Mailchimp, a popular easy-to-use E-Marketing platform. Suntico will automatically export your contacts into Mailchimp where they can be added to specific lists. You can then target these lists with relevant email campaigns and get reports on how your campaigns are impacting your business. It’s ideal for businesses who want to build their customer relationships through interaction…or for those struggling to send out that newsletter.