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Suntico is an online Sage 50 CRM system and financial data platform.  

Unlike any other cloud system it links easily and deeply to Sage 50 accounting software.

A modern Facebook-style interface for the CRM makes it easy to learn and access important information from Sage 50.

Integrations with other systems such as Microsoft Power BI and MailChimp enable you to use your Sage 50 data in new ways.  

An open API (interface) allows developers to link their cloud and mobile apps to your Sage 50 data.

Suntico extends the benefits of your Sage 50 accounting software:

  • Email notifications
  • Groups (like LinkedIn Groups)
  • Transaction line-item lists and search records
  • Multi-user events linked to Sage records
  • Dynamic lists
  • Dynamic record following
  • Backorder information
  • Multi-user tasks linked to Sage
  • Account territory management
  • Account team management
  • MailChimp integration
  • Record tagging

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