WHEN: April 1, 2015 @ 1:00 pm – 1:15 pm GMT-4
COST: Free

18:00 – 18:15 London
13:00 – 13:15 New York

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Any SMB that is struggling to decide how rigid to make their accounts payable process should take a look at Suntico.

Too much process can slow down your accounts payable function an actually end up doing you harm, yet not enough process can be even more damaging.

Uniquely, Suntico provides a Facebook-style way to share your Sage 50 information that you can use to drive your accounts payables with ease and transparency.

In this Google Hangout on Air you will learn how this new technology can help strike the right balance formal process and efficiency.


Google+ HoA: “Should you have more or less accounts payable process?”


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