Suntico with Sage 50 US Edition

(Formerly Peachtree Accounting)

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Cloud and mobile app integration with your Sage 50 Accounting US Edition data.  The new Suntico connector service for Sage 50 Accounting US Edition synchronizes your data with:

Unlike any other data connector for Sage 50 Accounting, the Suntico connector service is incredibly easy to install, and once installed it pretty much looks after itself.  

As long as you are running Sage 50 Accounting (US Edition) 2013, 2014, 2015 or 2016 then the Suntico connector service will work for you. Easy.

Why not try Suntico today connected to your Sage 50 Accounting (US Edition)?

Suntico extends the benefits of your Sage 50 accounting software:

Really simple installation

Your CRM is always up to date

Include your Sage contacts in your marketing lists

Up to the minute business intelligence & reporting

Developer interface to create your own cloud or mobile integration

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