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A MailChimp and Sage e-marketing integration for B2B companies that want to gain a communications edge over the competition.

Using Suntico with Mailchimp, B2B companies can easily harvest their Sage 50 data to send sharply targeted email marketing campaigns. Users can use this information to send highly personal messages, create rich segments based on customer purchase history and add contacts and prospect accounts.

Sage e-marketing with Suntico and Mailchimp

Your Sage 50 system is like a treasure chest. Locked up inside is a wealth of customer information. This is information that your competitors don’t have; and that you could be using to drive your marketing communications.

So why not use it?

Our Sage e-marketing integration helps you to take advantage of your Sage 50 data and communicate with customers in a more relevant way. Ideal for any B2B company looking to combine both their customers management and email marketing solutions.

Don’t just send generic marketing emails; update your clients with offers and news relevant to them, and their business.

Why do we use MailChimp for our Sage e-marketing integration?

MailChimp is a popular email marketing service with over 5 million users worldwide. Users can build and segment email lists; design beautiful and highly personalized email campaigns; then track and analyze the results from email opens to click through rates.

And, because Suntico is extremely easy to adopt and use, you can be up and running with your MailChimp and Sage e marketing integration in less than 15 minutes.

So stop just thinking about email marketing. And start communicating with your customers in a more relevant and personal way than your competitors ever could.

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