Recently, we released R3, the latest version of Suntico. You might have heard the news about it.

Suntico positioningIf you have heard about it, great; you already know that R3 is awesome.

If you haven’t heard about it; don’t worry. Just sit back and we’ll tell you all about the new features of Suntico R3.

As you may already know, Suntico is a powerful account management solution for companies that use Sage 50 accounting software. It connects into a user’s real-time Sage data to add mobility, CRM and to create an online workplace that boosts productivity and company-wide collaboration.

Suntico R3 goes quite a bit further than that. It’s a significant product update and a milestone in terms of features and functionality.

It can drastically improve the way SMBs find and use information. And, as a result, it can help small businesses to close the productivity gap between themselves and their larger rivals.

Some of the updates you’ll find in R3 include:

Line Item Search:

The line item search function is a powerful way of finding information. It provides a list view of all line items and transactions across all accounts set up in Sage 50. It gives users the ability to filter these views in order to find information on a particular account or transaction.

Interest Groups:

This allows users to create separate groups within the company. These groups, which can be public or private, offer a space for group discussions to put the right information in the right place, where the right people can see them.

Colleague Listings:

This feature gives users the ability to see their colleagues. It provides useful way of keeping up-to-date with co-workers. Users have the ability to see any tasks, events or upcoming meetings linked to colleagues, making it easy to communicate, collaborate and share information. It also works as an employee directory, allowing users to quickly find contact information for co-workers.

Record Tagging:

The record tagging feature lets you tag any record in the system. For example, you could tag an account as a prospect. It’s a handy way of letting other departments know what’s going on with a specific account. Users can then filter their accounts list by tags to save time and quickly find information.


With the Events feature, users are now able to create pre-defined events such as customer or sales meetings. Users can make events public or private or even create recurring events. The nice thing is that events can then be linked to any record, transaction or account within the system. Once linked, the event will be presented against the record so any users involved with that account can see that it is happening, even if they’re not involved. This is incredibly useful from a customer management point of view.


Tasks work in the same way as Events. Different types of tasks can be created and customised by the user. Tasks can be public or private with users having the ability to assign tasks to others, set due-dates, attach documents or files or generate entire discussions based around a task. These tasks can also be linked to account records, transactions or customer accounts within the system. It offers a simple way of creating an impromptu workflow that uses your own valuable Sage data.

Mailchimp Integration:

Suntico R3 includes an integration with the popular email marketing service, MailChimp. The integration allows businesses to send and track email marketing campaigns based on their accounts data. Once set up, users can easily share information between their Suntico and Mailchimp accounts, and use that information to send specific, highly targeted and effective email campaigns. It is ideal for companies who struggle with e-marketing, due to lack of time or resources.

And that’s the new and improved Suntico R3. Interested? Then try it out or get in touch. We can have you up and running in as little as 15 minutes.