Sage 50 ODBC alternative for Power BI

Sage 50 ODBC connections can be tricky to set up.  If you are want to use ODBC to connect to your Sage 50 data for analysis in Power BI, then the Suntico BI connector for Sage 50 is a much better alternative than a direct ODBC connection.

The Suntico BI connector for Sage 50 is an oData that can deliver your Sage 50 data into Power BI Desktop with a single click, or even on an automated daily schedule into the Power BI Service online.

Although the Suntico BI connector uses ODBC to connect to Sage 50, the ODBC data is transformed and enriched automatically, making it ready for use within Power BI.  This can save you weeks of setting up your data model within Power BI, especially since the Suntico BI connector service comes with a free Power BI template file ready for you to use.

The data tables derived from Sage 50 ODBC and included in the Suntico BI feed are:

  • Accounting Periods (from which the financial year dates are derived)
  • Countries (enriched with 3-alpha codes and regional information for improved geographic analysis in Power BI)
  • Currencies
  • Customers
  • Departments
  • Nominal Accounts
  • Nominal Budgets
  • Nominal Categories
  • Nominal Charts of Accounts
  • Product Sales (a flatenned table of sales invoice details by invoice, customer and product)
  • Products
  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Order Details
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Order Details
  • Stock Transactions
  • Suppliers
  • Transactions (a flatenned table of Audit Header and Audit Split information)

All of these tables are available in the Suntico BI data feed for Sage 50, with the relationships already built and intact.  The complementary Suntico BI template file extends these tables further with re-built Measures, an integrated Dates table, additional Calculated Columns and sample visualisations on the following topics:

  • Sales analysis
  • Receivables / Collections
  • Profit & Loss
  • Actual vs Budget
  • Customer Trends

Why not try it now?

Suntico BI works with the following Sage accounting systems

Suntico BI works with:

Sage 50 Accounts v23 / 2017 or higher

Coming soon:

Sage 50 Accounting (US Edition)

Sage 50 Accounting (Canadian Edition)

Sage 200

Sage 100 ERP

Sage 300 ERP