Awesome Sage Life-like option for Sage 50 users

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Sage Life is a new product that is being built by Sage on the Salesforce1 platform.  It will integrate online accounting and social-style collaboration with colleagues, partners and suppliers.

If you are a Sage 50 customer and you like the sound of Sage Life, then you should check out Suntico.  Suntico is available today and you will not need to migrate from Sage 50 to another accounting platform.

Suntico is the only online account management solution that integrates tightly with Sage 50.  It is designed to make your Sage 50 data accessible to your colleagues that do not use Sage 50.  Tight yet flexible controls over data access make it ideal to support your head office interaction with your in-house or independent sales reps.

Suntico extends the benefits of your Sage 50 accounting software:

  • Email notifications
  • Groups (like LinkedIn Groups)
  • Transaction line-item lists and search records
  • Multi-user events linked to Sage records
  • Dynamic lists
  • Dynamic record following
  • Backorder information
  • Multi-user tasks linked to Sage
  • Account territory management
  • Account team management
  • MailChimp integration
  • Record tagging

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Watch our Hangout On Air: Simple and nifty accounts payable process for your Sage 50

or check our Slide Share: Accounts payable process for Sage 50

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