Sage mobile access anytime, anywhere

Sage mobile access anytime, anywhere

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For business owners, sales reps and other mobile workers who need Sage mobile data access, Suntico provides the solution

Designed for B2B companies, Suntico gives you secure Sage mobile access from any location, using any device connected to the internet. Access to Sage mobile data can be controlled very tightly by the user – right down to sales teams, individual account levels and account data types.

Uniquely, in addition to Sage mobile access, Suntico also enables you to add notes, documents and track tasks relating to your client records in Sage.

With Suntico you can save time searching for customer or vendor account information or transaction history and ensure that your whole team is on the same page at all times.

Sage 50 mobile solution from Suntico:

  • Access to your Sage 50 data from any location using any internet-connected device: Suntico works on all major devices, browsers and operating systems – Windows PC, Apple OS (Mac, iPhone, iPad), Android (smartphone, tablet) and Linux.
  • It is much more than just Sage mobile data access. Manage tasks, add notes, events and share discussions with colleagues relating to customer, vendor and transaction information found in Sage 50.
  • Control access to your Sage 50 data down to individual accounts, sales teams or transaction type.
  • Provide access to an unlimited number of users (subject to your subscription plan) across your company, and ensure that you whole team is always on the same page.
  • Use your Suntico Sage mobile solution to unite your finance, sales, customer service and marketing teams; and ensure that everyone is up-to-date on all of your key accounts.

Unlike any alternatives, you can be up and running with your Sage 50 mobile system in the time it takes to have a cup of coffee! Less than 15 minutes.

The alternative way to get Sage 50 Cloud Access

Access from any mobile, tablet, personal computer and share additional information with your team

  • Customer records
  • Vendor Records
  • Sales Transactions
  • Purchase Transactions
  • Contacts
  • Addresses
  • Prospects
  • Notes
  • Files
  • Discussions
  • Tasks
  • Events

Want to find out more?

Google Hangout on Air: “10 ways that Suntico supports business mobility for companies that use Sage 50 Accounting”
Slideshare: “10 ways that Suntico supports business mobility for companies that use Sage 50 Accounting”
YouTube: “HOA 10 ways that Suntico supports business mobility for companies that use Sage 50 Accounting“

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